Next to his good looks and hot body (ahem, ahem), the things I admire most about and attracted me to my husband are his integrity, principles and discipline.

In whatever work he carries out or responsibility he assumes, he gives nothing short of his 100%. He hates mediocrity, he demands so much from himself, and he has never tried to use influence, wheedling, kowtowing or stepping on somebody else’s toes to gain favor or to get on someone’s good side.

Every promotion, every commendation and every accolade he receives are accredited solely to his exemplary work ethics.

22 years of faithfully working for the same company, and he is not showing any sign of slowing down, backing down or giving up. He is still as dedicated and hardworking as ever, even bordering on workaholism at times.

Today that he would have the distinct honor of receiving his 4th The Outstanding PerformerS (TOPS) award during a formal ceremony, which is held annually by the business organization that he is proud to belong to, I would like to announce to the entire blogosphere how extremely proud I and our kids are of my husband.

Knee, you might not yet be in that particular spot where I know you deserve to be in, but I’m pretty sure that you’re on your way to getting there. You’re just taking the long, hard route because you hate shortcuts. We know how you love your work, how dedicated you are to it, and how you’d rather get stuck in a rut but with your principles intact than be at the good side of someone but with your integrity and self-respect compromised.

Finally, you wouldn’t be the man I loved and married if you have done things differently. I love you, I appreciate you, I hold you in high esteem, and I will forever be by your side to support you in your every endeavor. We are truly blessed to have you as the head of our family.


My husband, with his newest baby


Now, they say that behind every man’s success is a woman. In my husband’s case, behind him every step of the way is his wife—a woman who either nudges, pushes and shoves him or tugs, pulls and restrains him, depending on the need for a particular situation. But, always, I am the woman who learns the lessons with him from all his years of working for a company.

My husband is far from being the perfect employee, but in his desire to set a wonderful example for our children to emulate, he has established himself –in our eyes– as the epitome of an ideal one.

The following are the lessons we managed to learn on how to be a goldmine in the workplace. By sharing this with you, I am hoping that you would start to view your work and your workplace in a more positive light. After all, your job is your reliable partner in providing for your family.


  1. Skill enhancement. An ideal employee is willing to learn and grow. He develops and hones his skills through various seminars/trainings, self-taught programs, continuing education, observation and emulation of others, etc. The most basic skills normally required in a workplace are communication (speaking, both verbal and written, listening, etc.), organizational (time management, goal-setting, decision-making, etc), leadership (delegating, motivating, giving effective feedback, claiming responsibility, etc.), computer (MS Office, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint, etc.), customer service (knowledge of your products, persuasion skills, dealing with customers, etc.), problem-solving (resilience, analytical thinking, dispute resolution, etc.), mathematical (inventory, purchasing, budget, sales, etc.), research and info-gathering (data collection, cause-effect analysis, logical conclusion, etc.), sales (understanding prospects’ needs, demonstrating ROI, building trust with customers, etc.), and political (social astuteness, interpersonal influence, networking ability, sincerity, etc.).


  1. Passion for excellence. An ideal employee never settles for ordinary; he constantly strives to be extraordinary. He endeavors to be the best version of himself not just by meeting his own and other people’s expectations but by exceeding them. He tries to go above and beyond the job requirement in getting things done.


  1. Work ethics. An ideal employee is committed to his work and will do anything within his power to ensure that he performs well. He is reliable, highly productive and cooperative. He possesses a generally strong character—he is self-disciplined, honest and trustworthy.


  1. Loyalty to the organization and its management. An ideal employee supports the vision of the organization that he belongs to, and works hard for its success. He puts the company’s interests ahead of his own. Subservience, obedience and meekness are oftentimes misconstrued as loyalty. In truth, however, a genuinely loyal employee is outspoken and vocal when he feels the need to express his opinions on various matters and issues, and he does not hesitate to discuss those with his bosses in private. But once a decision is made, he throws his 100% support to it. He does not criticize his bosses in front of others. He is also aware of the many benefits of an honest exchange of differing opinions and points of view, as long as those are delivered with respect and good intention.


  1. Relationship with colleagues. An ideal employee builds and maintains a healthy relationship with his co-workers, knowing that doing so would foster an atmosphere that is conducive to enjoyment, innovativeness and productivity. He displays positive attitude, follows proper office etiquette, builds trust, offers help when necessary, is congenial and has a ready smile for everyone, is respectful of differences and personal boundaries, and participates in office outings and team-building activities.


  1. Professionalism. An ideal employee makes a habit to appear and behave in a professional manner. He dresses appropriately by observing the company’s dress code, comes in well groomed, and observes personal hygiene. He practices punctuality, comes to meetings fully prepared, follows company policies, keeps his promises, and submits his deliverables on time. He strives to become instrumental in creating a culture of accountability in the workplace. He treats everyone with utmost courtesy. He stays away from any kind of office drama and gossip and petty quarrels. He does not use office hours to attend to personal matters and he never steals other people’s ideas.


  1. Initiative. An ideal employee devotes serious effort and energy in adding value to the organization. Doing more than his fair share and going the extra mile without being told to do so are the habits of a proactive and energetic go-getter—the kind of employees that the organizations are in constant lookout for. Instead of simply working hard, he is more inclined to working smart. He comes up with new solutions, more effective approaches, brilliant ideas, and fresh, powerful concepts. He is assertive, he speaks up confidently, and he shares his thoughts with everyone. He is highly involved, and possesses a team-member mindset, rather than the employee mindset.


  1. Career advancement. An ideal employee is not satisfied to stay at the bottom of the career ladder. He wants to be on top and to get ahead of the pack. He has a genuine passion and exuberance for work, he is goal-oriented and purpose-driven, he constantly challenges himself, and he vigilantly looks for opportunities. He makes himself indispensable to the organization by displaying amazing ingenuity, unique skills and consistent and exemplary performance. He closely observes and follows a role model, and he considers any kind of recognition a validation of his commitment to his work. Despite all these, however, he is able to maintain his integrity and professionalism.


  1. Leadership potential. An ideal employee is always ready to take on more responsibility especially at a crucial time. He does not shrink under pressure. He has the take-charge attitude about him that is neither off-putting nor offensive. He thinks critically and learns from working closely with the masters. Even without a concerted effort to be noticed, his innate self-confidence does the job. He mentors the newbies, motivates the low-spirited, listens to criticisms, and provides effective feedback. If he can help it, he does not point the finger at anyone. And when he is overloaded with work, he does not hesitate to seek help and delegate some of his tasks. His colleagues look up to him and values his opinions on various matters.


  1. Office politics. An ideal employee acknowledges the inevitability of politics in the workplace and strives to navigate that minefield with extreme caution. He knows that office politics can ruin many awesome workplaces and wonderful relationships between and among colleagues, but is also aware that, if practiced positively, he will gain from it in furthering his interests and those of his team.


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