Photo credit to sumitabatra.com
Photo credit to sumitabatra.com

I love reading all the nice and beautiful words you write about me and my articles, so I decided to compile it here. Your glowing testimonials would serve as my personal mood-lifters and morale-boosters whenever I need one. And when words wouldn’t flow freely and come to me easily, these would be my source of instant inspiration.

This roster would, hopefully, keep on lengthening and extending as I intend to add all the other testimonies that you, my friends, would attach to each of my blog entries that you will share on your preferred social networking site. So, let’s heat up this blog by continuously sending me your love and support. To those whose statements I failed to include here (most likely because I was not tagged), do not hesitate to call my attention by leaving me a message. I’ll immediately rectify the oversight.

Thank you, guys! ‘Till my next blog post! 🙂


  • “CONGRATULATIONS, my friend, for this wonderful endeavor. This only shows your noble MISSION to share your inner gift as a person, as a woman and as a mother. May you continue to inspire and touch many hearts, for us to have a better generation with sense of hope and desire to share and love unconditionally. GOD bless.”  Fr. Victor Cunanan Parungao
  • “Here’s the sequel to my lovely wife’s first blog post. Again, I hope that you get to read and share this with your other friends. Thanks!”Roel Aquino
  • “Dear friends, please check out Mom On A Mission, a new blog from my funny and irreverent aunt (na parang ate ko lang in looks and in height! ) She’s a mom of three adolescent kids, and you’ll definitely enjoy her stories, learn from her experience and, for parents who are also raising their own angels, find a kindred spirit.” –Jelaine Landicho
  • “On board the Amtrak Train from Washington DC to New Jersey … this 3-hour road trip would surely put me down to that snoring mode but I chose to read the sequel to your Blog 101.You have remarkably leveled up, Lorelei! It’s time to make business out of your writing prowess. I suggest that you compile all your blogs into a book and publish! As to my blog review, I would give your article a 5-star being the highest.Your flawless thought and presentation is of imperative importance and a beautiful mindset for would-be parents of adolescents. Keep going! Congrats Lorelei!” –Lorna Luna De Jesus
  • “Sharing something worth reading… from a mom of three smart and well-mannered teenagers. Congrats, Mom On A Mission! We are learning from your experiences and insights.” –Eleanor Pagayon Pineda
  • “This article was written by my former student Lorelei Aquino. She is a prolific writer,well versed and very articulate in English. Parents and students, please read this; it is so informative and interesting. You will learn something from it.” –Melissa Nisay Mizon
  • “Sharing this remarkable, well-written piece from a friend and fellow Bagakenyo, Lorelei Aquino. One of the outstanding students of her batch, a UP grad, who has great passion for writing. The article helps to manage parenting-related issues, including the issue of perfectionist parenting, and absolutely guides us how to become a better parent in the process…Nice read Lei, keep them coming.” –Joven Alonzo
  • “Another good read from a powerful wordsmith, Lorelei Aquino” –Samantha Urbiztondo-Ignacio
  • “As a teacher of mostly teenagers, I agree with you Lorelei 100%. Sometimes, I wish that parents could know their children well first before thinking what is best for them.”Maricar Cascasan
  • “Well done, Lorelei! My friends, read this and you’ll certainly be craving for more from Lorelei. :-)”Evelyn Gosoco
  • “Great job, Lorelei ! I’m so looking forward to your next blog post. Go girl!” –Leah Santos-Dungao
  • “Sharing with you a dear friend’s blog. I am sure all moms (and dads too) have experienced most if not all the situations she cited. Thanks, Lorelei, for this realistic and inspiring blog. Happy reading!” –Ruby Bautista Tan
  • “This article is written by a good friend whom I know has raised three amazing teenagers. Really worth reading.” –Gie Lopena
  • “Thank you. Yes, thank you for, finally, you are going to share the talent the Lord gave you. With your wit, love for your family, and good heart, you will charm a lot of readers and will succeed on your new thing. Good luck! Think positive and everything will be done according to HIS will. Believe, because nothing is impossible with the LORD. Take care and enjoy.” Marilyn Hermano Sy
  • “TRULY valuable info! This blog written by Lorelei Aquino has loads of commonsense , fresh and interesting ideas about how to approach raising teenagers. GOOD JOB!” Ivy Arellano Dupart
  • “This is a really great read! Just want to share with you all. 🙂 Hit share too after reading, definitely worth it. Article by a good friend Lorelei Aquino ~ will standby for more! Godbless us all!”Ailu Bantog-Santos
  • “Seems like this has been read out of my mind. 🙂 Good job, Tita Lorelei Aquino.”Eira Galang
  • “And now from the other camp’s point of view!”Bien Cruz
  • “Congratulations to Lorelei Aquino, a friend from UP, for her timely blog on parenting. Her words will definitely guide parents, particularly young mums, in managing the difficult task of raising kids and helping them to be the best that they can be.”Angelito Calma
  • “Hello friends, here is a great article. The blogger, Lorelei Aquino was able to capture the complexities of our teenaged kids. Some write based on research and exposure; others write from the heart. ~ She accomplished both.”Rhodora Lao San Jose
  • “Proud to share this blog from an old friend back home. A UP grad and a mother of three amazing kids. A wonderful wife with a great mind especially in writing. You gonna be amazed with all her blog posts. Congrats and more to come! So proud of you, Lorelei Aquino! Taga Pag-Asa yan!”Melanie Diaz del Rosario
  • “Sharing this interesting blog. The author is a college batchmate, a mom of three awesome teens ( like me )! I always enjoy reading your articles, Lorelei! Keep them coming!”Cel Dela Cruz Lo
  • “Thanks, ate Lorelei Aquino, for this very informative blog!”Kathleen Bantugan
  • “I’m sure all my parent friends can learn a thing or two from this beautifully written article- too good not to share. Love your work, Lorelei Aquino!”Leilani Manguerra-Howells
  • “The second blog of Mareng Lorelei Aquino. Just continue nourishing us with the great clarity and wisdom of your works. Again, more power and keep on blogging.”Norman Nojadera


  • All these years, my wife has always been in the background…supporting me and the kids in everything we do and wanted to pursue. It’s about time that she be given the chance to be on the spotlight. To all my dear friends here on FB, I really hope that you’ll find time to read her blog, and hopefully share it too with your buddies. Believe me, her blog posts are not just informative and entertaining, they’re also heartwarming. Thanks, everyone! Happy reading and sharing!” Roel Aquino, my supportive husband
  • “This is really good. Really happy for Tita Lorelei’s work. She puts her heart in this blog. Job well done, Tita! Give it a sec and you’ll learn something from it.”Frances Anne Tolentino
  • “Worth sharing, a good read indeed. Nice one, Lorelei Aquino.”Raquel Lapus Tanqueco Cabawatan
  • This one is from a mother who walks the talk – culled from her personal experiences and that of her many friends who continue to weave beautiful stories as former UP activists-turned-career and family women. Continue inspiring many, my dear Lorelei Aquino ! I will definitely share this in our next parents’ assembly. Okay lang ba, my dear?” – Rey Yumang, my Economics instructor in college
  • “Sharing my batch mate’s very first blog! Learning from the master! Having three teenagers simultaneously is a real test! Matira matibay (survival of the fittest)!!! Hahahaha! Congrats Lorelei Aquino! Thanks for sharing and keep the blogs coming!”Aimee Ore Davis
  • “For moms, dads, would-be parents, or just about anyone looking for a good read, check out my friend, Lorelei Aquino’s blog.” Jovi Reyes
  • “For all my co-parents, you need to read this if you want to have a harmonious relationship with your teens! The blogger is a good friend – my elementary classmate and Pisay co-parent! Thanks, Lorelei Aquino! Hindi lang maganda at sexy, matalino pa! Congrats!”Marie Pangan Navarro
  • “Reading this engaging piece uncuffed my corrupted head. Hahaha. Believe me, Madam Lorelei Aquino, I’ve been hanging onto your hat since the day we became friends on facebook… flipping through your dauntless posts and fearless comments. #‎clingy On a more serious note, I’m delighted to see you enjoying the beauty of speaking out! You are definitely a woman of intellect. PS- I  #8 on your list. (you know what i’m talking about) hahaha”Gerard de Guzman
  • “Sharing with you is an article coming from a Mom Blogger whose writing facility is simply brilliant and creative… I first met the author on FB… I must admit, I was really impressed by her writing style and composition so I clicked that Add a Friend button…coming from an old school, I am exactly the opposite of the nowadays mothers… Acting like a commander-in-Chief around the house, I look upon my children to follow everything I said…and because I was with noisy pupils in school all day… Silence in the house was mandatory… Hahaha !! For young mothers with teenagers..this is for you… We may have varied or different home atmosphere, but the literary and motherly attack and advice as presented by the writer would always find its way in your family… Congratulations Lorelei Aquino!”Lorna Luna De Jesus
  • “A must read mommy blog by my favorite sissy-mommy blogger. Lorelei Aquino, you deserve all the compliments, sis! Always remember, it’s never too late and we’re never too old to do anything. Now is always the right time. 🙂 Good luck! Can’t wait for the next one!”Michelle Galang
  • “Oh men… And I almost did all the don’ts… You should’ve written this ages ago, Lorelei Aquino.. Hahahahahaha! Love your blog!”Nelser Roque David-Tidula
  • “Been there, done that! Like you and I, we’ve gone through that dreaded phase called adolescence. To us parents of teenage kids, it is like déjà vu—seeing the signs appear before us but in a nightmarish kind of way. Only further complicated by today’s far-reaching and irrepressible social media. Well, fear not! In this article you will find foolproof “Don’ts for Parents of Teenage Kids” that you can use to better connect and continually build harmonious relationships with your teens.Yes folks! Adolescent Parenting 101 has recently upgraded. Check out AP 101 version 2.0 here!” Scion Mangubat
  • “Sharing this blog about parenting teenagers. Thanks to my schoolmate, Lorelei Aquino, for sharing! ‘Till your next blog post!”Suzette Mercado-Capili
  • “Worth your time to read! Her attention to tiny details will make you scream for those “aha” moments! (Translation: “Aha, kaya pala!”) Congrats on your new blog post! May you continue to inspire others to do what they love the most. It’s never too late to fulfill one’s dreams. Always believe and always get excited to write. In that way, your heart is where your writing is. Very proud of you as a batchmate, as a wife and most especially, as a mother to your children. You did a fabulous job raising them well and your first blog is a testimony to your extreme expertise! 🙂 Congrats to my UP batchmate Lorelei Aquino on you first blog!”Marites Tan Gerona
  • “Right on target!”Tina Toledo
  • “Worth reading not just for parents out there but for their kids too 🙂 More blog posts, please, Lorelei Aquino!”Thea Camua
  • “Thought this will help you parents and teens out there. Thanks, Lorelei Aquino!” Techie Buenaventura
  • “It’s about YOU that makes beautiful writing BEAUTIFUL. I’m glad you’re finally pursuing this career 😉 Happy to share. Write more, Lorelei Aquino!” Samantha Urbiztondo-Ignacio
  • “I am what I am today, because of my parents. Certainly, there are things that I am not proud of, but with the things that I am, I have my parents to give thanks to. Nice job, Lorelei! I am sure lots of people will learn much from this. Sheila, you might want to see this too.” Maricar Cascasan
  • “Sharing this blog post with you, friends..beautifully written by my batch mate, Lorelei Aquino.” Stella Marie Ticsay Ibarra
  • “A great read for fellow mums of growing teens..so proud of the fact that the blogger is actually a beautiful friend from Uni whose heart is as big as her love for writing..way to go, sis Lorelei Aquino! Eagerly waiting for the next blog 🙂Leilani Manguerra-Howells
  • “Sharing with you a great topic: TEENAGERS ( and “their few dont’s” ). Your article is riveting! I enjoyed reading it because it came from a Legit source – Lorelei Aquino” Rhodora Lao San Jose
  • “Here’s a blog entry worth sharing, for fellow moms and parents out there about raising teenagers. Definitely a must-read article that was thoughtfully and beautifully written by a sorority sis from UP. Sis Lorelei Aquino, thanks for all the tips, advice and list (admittedly, I’m guilty on some of them…and to think my journey as a mom of a teenager has just started. Waaaah)! 🙂 Congratulations again, sis! It’s about time the world knows about your talent and creativity. Looking forward to reading your interesting and inspirational blogs! Cheers and more blessings!” Pamela Olayvar Ramos-Mata
  • “Guilty at #5! hahaha! Thanks for bringing this up, Lorelei Aquino! Keep it coming! Congratulations!” Pearl Barbosa
  • “Very well said! CONGRATULATIONS and big a round of applause for my dear Lorelei Aquino, a smart, gifted, talented and a super-duper good writer! I salute you and I truly admire you as a person, as a wife to your hubby, as a mom to your kids, as a friend and as a writer! I am so proud of you and so privileged to have a friend like you! All those things you mentioned in your article are true and correct! I bet, most parents like me could relate and are guilty of all those acts.” Myrna Espiritu
  • “If you are a parent, a teenager, or were once a teenager, this is worth reading. Someday I’ll get it right 😉 Well done, Lorelei! You have, indeed, found your wings. Spread them wider and continue to soar. Congrats.” Aida Sunglao-Canlas
  • “A must-read for our teenaged kids (Know that we pay attention and we understand you!), for parents of little children (Gear up. Time flies so fast. Your sweet kids will be teens in a blink!), and for parents of teenaged kids ( You’re not alone. Many are experiencing the same things you’re going through right now!). Congrats,sis Lorelei Aquino. I’ve always known that, with your writing prowess, you’ll go places. Magpa – burjer ka naman! 😉 Rachelle Baldonado Torres
  • “Congrats, mate! I love the parenting tips parts. They’re so so true. With your permission, maybe I could share some of them in one of my future seminars. Cheers! :-)”Alain Andal
  • “She started blogging finally! Parents or those planning to be one, take note!”Bien Cruz
  • “A blog about moms, kids, parenting and anything under the sun.”Danny Capili
  • “Parenting is like a ball room dance. You have to be in sync with your children to communicate and understand each other. This article is what smart parenting is. A must read.”Cindy Dizon-Gealogo
  • “This is soo exciting. Congrats to you and thank you for coming up with these blogs. You translate the feelings and sentiments of parents like us into beautiful stories and advices. :-)” Ruby Bautista Tan
  • “I love how accurate this is. 🙂 I think this would be very helpful for all the parents out there!” Eira Galang
  • “Don’ts for parents of teenaged kids. Please read and share my Ninang’s blog. Sobrang tumpak ang mga sinulat mo po dito, Ninang.” Mary Con Narciso
  • “I would definitely keep these in mind. I still have 5 years to prepare myself. Thanks, Mommy Lorelei . You are doing a great job.” Karla Mangulabnan Lucena
  • “Worth reading…learning from (my batchmates’) experience!”Jojit Punsalan Santos
  • “Hi, Lorelei. I read your article, it’s very interesting and informative. I got 10 and 8 yrs old boys so I will bear your tips in mind. Btw, we have a Filipino community newspaper here in New Zealand called Filipino Migrant News. Can I ask for your permission to publish your article in our paper? Here is our website http://www.filipinonews.nz. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards.” Sheila Mariano Fernandez
  • “Hello to all the mothers out there. Ang sarap po basahin ng ARTICLE ng cousin ko. Marami po kaung matutunan. Ang WRITER po nito ay TAGA BAGAC din po – si LORELEI AQUINO. Siya po ay ang panganay na niece ni tatay ko. Lagi pong sinasabi sa akin ni Tatay, ” Masipag siyang mag aral at she always gets honors and awards. Si ate Lei mo ang gayahin mo”. Si ate LEI po ang FIRST TUTOR ko when i was in grade one, at successful naman po; may honors din po ako during that time. Alam kong pangarap nya po ang magwork. BUT being a mother of three children, she made motherhood her career. GALING po sa experience nya at mula po sa puso nya ang article na ito. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY AND HONORS PO.”
  • (Hello to all the mothers out there. You’ll find this article entertaining to read. You’ll also learn a lot from it. The writer, Lorelei Aquino is from Bagac. She is my father’s eldest niece. I remember my father always telling me, “She is a diligent student and she always receives honors and awards. You should try to be like your Ate Lei.” Ate Lei was my first tutor when I was in first grade, and I believe, she was effective in teaching me because I was an honor student at the end of that school year. I know that it is her dream to work, but being a mother of three children, she made motherhood her career instead. This article is written based on her experiences and from her heart. To God be all the glory and honors!) Lora Del Rosario
  • “Very concise, straightforward and beautiful. Thank you for sharing these things. More posts, please.”Emmylou Umali
  • “This blog is written by one of my kababayang Bagakeño Ms. Lorelei Baldonado Aquino!” Mace Gonzales
  • “Sharing the first blog of my classmate from Grade 1 to college. A realistically written article of great lucidity and sapience that fondly captivates the chasteness beyond life’s complexities. Keep on blogging Mareng Lorelei Aquino. More power.”Norman Nojadera
  • “A good read for us parents who happen to have “aliens” in our homes…teens I mean! But I guess we, the parents, could be the “aliens” in many ways. Some people were born to write. Thanks, Lorelei Aquino, for sharing your first-hand experiences as I find them very helpful.” –Nonie Cabrera

2 thoughts on “TESTIMONIALS

  1. Striked a chord in my heart as I raise a very independent and strong willed teenager at home. The message is clear and simple we must listen more and judge less. Our children is our future, their hearts and minds must be nurtured carefully and constantly. Being a parent is a gift that you work hard on and hang on forever. I hope for more of your wisdom Lorelie. God bless you and Roel.


    1. Aaaaw, thank you, Maisara. That’s why with my second article, I tried to listen to what our teens have to say. By having them respond to an online survey conducted by one of their peers, I was able to obtain surprisingly candid and well-thought-of answers . The first time I read their answers, I was crying my eyes out! I was wondering if my own kids had the same sentiments that they just couldn’t talk to us about. The secret, really, lies in maintaining an open communication line with them. Good luck with your teen, Maisara. I hope to see you one of these days. 🙂


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