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I realized that the internet is an extremely vast universe where everyone can create a comfortable niche for himself. Many netizens are brilliant enough to write highly informative and helpful articles, and generous enough to share those articles with others. Thus, the advent of blogging.

I, myself, love reading and learning from blog posts. It’s reassuring to know that my plight is not unique – that there are others out there who also go through what I am going through on a daily basis. And since I am fairly good at writing and can come up with decent articles, I decided to put this up. My very own blog. Yay, finally!

In this little corner of the Blogosphere, you will meet a mother who loves sharing with everyone who would care to read all her random musings, dignified rantings, profound thoughts about family, love, parenthood, home and life, personal advocacies, dreams and experiences, observations, opinions and impressions, everyday exploits, confessions, and innermost desires. I would also like to connect with all of you so do not hesitate to leave me a message (I am an active Facebooker, and as soon as I get the hang of all these, I will also be a familiar face and voice in Instagram and Twitter!) or a comment at the end of my every blog entry.

Happy reading!

(Note: The header image is owned by David Kracov, an American painter, animator and sculpturist.)


  1. Got bored with technical writing? Just kidding, hehe. Great to see you finally joining the Blogosphere. It deserves to have your writing talent.


  2. Just discovered your blog. This is now one of my favourite blogs in the web. I actually read all of your posts in one sitting. You talked about “Find your voice and make yourself heard. Aspire to be more than a mere bystander.”, I admire people who practise what they preach.
    I also read some/most of the comments that people leave on your page. It is unfortunate that people assign labels on people who disagree with their views. Lahat tayo ay Pilipino at ang ating ginagawa ay dahil sa pagmamahal sa Pilipinas at sa sambayanang Pilipino.
    I only wish to disagree with you with regards to your point regarding DU30 being unpredictable. He only appears to be unpredictable because his foul mouth and contradicting statements tend to confuse almost every rational human being who is trying to make sense of all the things that come from his mouth. I still believe that he or someone behind him is a brilliant strategist trying to fulfil a much deeper agenda.
    I am an avid fan of Politics and Data Science. At the height of Philippine Presidential Elections last April, I wanted to know whether there was a direct correlation between Trending Topics on Google and FB with regards to the results of the elections. I wrote a couple of lines of code using Google Trends and FB OpenGraph API to pull some data that I can use and what I was extremely surprised by my findings.
    1) that both Google Trends and FB OG data were consistent with regards to DU30
    2) that the amount trending topics regarding DU30 was 50 times more than that of Poe, Binay and Roxas. A true Outlier. When you graph the probability distribution of this occurrence(high amount of new posts/messages/topics), it was about 6 standard deviations above the norm. Ika nga para mong kinompera kay Chris Langan (IQ 195), What is the probability that a person can have an IQ of 195 and above(6 standard deviations above the norm). It is possible but highly improbable. I then concluded that there was something that was artificially manipulating this data. I only mentioned it to a couple of friends kasi hindi naman kami nakatira sa Pilipinas. Only to find out later that they discovered a building filled of paid “trolls”. As far as I can tell, this is the first time that a political group have “weaponized” social media. In other words we are dealing with brilliant men who have been planning these things for a very long time with a LONG game.
    After DU30 was elected and when the EJK started, I told my wife that Martial Law will be enforced within 3 years. Pasundot-sundot lang siya dati ng state of lawlessness dahil sa drugs, tapos sususpendihin daw niya yung writ of habeas corpus, tapos ngayon may bomba “daw” na na-discobre sa US embassy sa Roxas blvd. Nakita na natin lahat iyan, galing lahat yan sa playbook ni Apo.

    My apologies for the rant wala kasi akong blog, fb, twitter at kung ano pang social media.
    Hoping that are more Citizens/Patriots like you.


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